„Join me on a surprising journey to pause from the frantic world around you“ – This is Annette Homann. This is her „sparkling, energetic, confident and joyful“ sound. As a violinist, violist and composer Annette has been touring all over the world playing shows with multiple artists and ensembles. She stands out for being incredibly versatile in terms of musical styles.

New single out June 10th!

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My Solo Show "Saitensprünge"

for house and street concerts or any other form of show!

Ich lade ein auf eine emotionale, facettenreiche, virtuose Reise mit meiner Violine inklusive "Saitensprüngen" . Es ist eine Mischung aus Eigenkompositionen sowie Pop Cover Songs mit meiner Loop Station bzw. Backtracks spielen. Auch Gesang wird dabei sein. 
I invite you on an emotional, versatile, virtuosic journey with my violin. It's a mix of original compositions, pop cover songs with my loop station and backtracks as well as using my voice. 


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