Let me introduce myself to you:

Hi, I am Annette Homann and I am a German violinist,composer,violist!

I always loved the violin even before I started. I wouldn't consider myself a "typical classical musician": I always loved playing and traveling with the violin and playing with others but competitions weren't for me. I loved the atmosphere when performing but had a hard time to stop smiling or not to move when playing violin (which I was told not to do). And I loved going to rock concerts and festivals and dying my hair all kinds of colors! 

I just loved music and so I went to school to do my Teaching Diploma at Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz with Christoph Schickedanz (after starting at Musikhochschule in Hannover) and moved to NYC to do my Masters in Violin Performance at Manhattan School of Music in Violin Performance with Laurie Smukler. While studying in Germany a few situations would show my journey now as a musician: in Germany I toured a bit with a pop band called Rosenfels after just playing classical music growing up and I loved it-it was the atmosphere, the friendly environment with the audience and the band, the show lights and of course the playing. Another situation was when I had to write a cadenza for a Mozart violin concerto while studying with Christoph Schickedanz in Mainz - my first real composition! I enjoyed not only the composing aspect but also experiencing the professors reaction - I think he  liked it!  

In NYC I discovered jazz and improvisation and I took more composition classes. After receiving my Masters Degree from Manhattan School of Music I joined the critically acclaimed theatrical violin show Barrage – “A high-octane fiddle-fest that features an international, multi-talented cast performing an eclectic mix of music, song and dance”. I toured with the group for 3 years, playing over 200 show each year throughout Europe, USA, Canada, Central America and China. Again I really enjoyed the show part of it next to playing of course: the lights, stage clothes, make-up, being an entertainer - and of course traveling! Barrage had a lot of fiddling influences so I learned about other styles besides classical music and jazz.

Back in NYC after touring I continued playing shows and concerts at various venues including Carnegie Hall or Avery Fischer Hall.

In about 2013 I joined a group of artists called Artists Without Walls where once a month a showcase took place in a very welcoming friendly environment. Since being out of school I had not written anything but I felt inspired to start writing again. It was a solo violin piece called "Annette's Fiddle Set" and I presented it at the showcase. Writing and performing that music was so enjoyable that I continued writing and performing my own pieces. Twice I collaborated with choreographer Caron Eule - I wrote pieces that Caron choreographed and where I was dancing and playing in it as well.

For a while I was interested in using and writing for my voice as well so in 2015 I released my first album called "Heimatgefühle" experimenting with combining unique string accompaniments with my own voice.

In 2016 I decided it was time to go back to Germany and moved to Berlin where I have been continuing being an active freelancer. Playing shows and being creative when time allows for it are my favorite things to do! Playing in TV shows have been happening as well as playing in the string section for artists such as Michael Bublé, Alex Christensen and Howard Carpendale. I also joined the cabaret show "Anna und der Swing Klub" and have been playing shows with Irish singer and guitarist Joe Ward (band name is Homeward) where I am able to let out all my improvisational enthusiasm! 

Then Corona happened...shows were pretty much gone and I missed being creative. Suddenly I had the time for it! I realized that I am most comfortable in performing and writing instrumental music for solo violin or small string ensembles. That's where my passion lies in: writing music for such a small setting that is still diverse, that is virtuosic violin music and still accessible to a wider audience. So next to some existing compositions I wrote new compositions in 2020! My style can be described as classical crossover. There is improvisation, some fiddle influence but also Prokofiev is an influence as I very much love his music! In the summer I met wonderful producer Alex Sprave and decided to go for it and record an album just for solo, duo violin/viola and loop station. I am about to release my second album called "Violin Sentiments" with original compositions.

I am very excited for it to be heard by the world! I also can't wait for the time when my or any music can be played live again. Thanks for reading and love to you! Annette