I always enjoyed performing and teaching music enormously. I think it is extremely important to expand and grow as a teacher and performer. 

Through my extensive teaching and performance experience I have been able to interact with different cultures which has opened my eyes to different approaches and helped me to adapt to any situation. Teaching music is not only getting across music knowledge but also developing the students' own voice and creativity and I would love to help guiding each students in that process.

I teach online and private lessons in (Uccle) Brussels, Belgium. Please get in touch with me if you are interested to learn more about me as well as more about fees etc! I am looking forward to hearing from you!



60 Minute lesson at my place or online : 40 Euros for a single lesson

45 minute lesson at my place or online:  30 Euros for a single lesson

Traveling to the student is possible too with an additional traveling fee (within the neighborhoods around Uccle). 


Performance with my students of the Al Farabi Musik Academy in Berlin:

Fiddle Workshop


Ich freue mich über alle Interessierten!

5 year old violin student